Lucy Beer Mart; A New Snazzy Meet-up Point For You–Night Owls, Who Are Looking For a Quick Grab of Booze!

November 2022

JAKARTA, November 2022 –

Lucy Beer Mart

There’s nothing wrong with making the night feel special. If you enjoy nightlife or simply just want to catch up with dear friends, a night bar seems fittingly to become your destination. Jakarta has many well-known nightlife spots you can visit, that’s for sure. Although sometimes there are a lot of people who have the same plan in mind; making the night last longer—eventually start cramming the place.

One thought may come to mind when this happens; “How I wish I could just sit back and crack open a traditional, no-fuss beer, just like the good old days.” Enter, Lucy Beer Mart; a new snazzy meet-up point for you night owls who are looking for a quick grab of booze!

As you have probably known, Lucy in the Sky has become a pioneer of rooftop garden bars and dining destinations in Jakarta. Recently, Lucy in the Sky had also widened its reach by opening a third outlet in Cikini. As a continuous effort in expanding their nightlife market that targets young party goers, Lucy presents Lucy Beer Mart.

Need grab-n-go drinks? Or a pre-loading spot with friends? Fret not, Lucy Beer Mart serves as the first convenience bar in Jakarta where you can enjoy a wide selection of signature local and imported beers, liquors, and alcoholic beverages that are efficient and pocket friendly. From the outside, Lucy Beer Market may seem like any other convenience store. But don’t just stop and stare! Step inside; roam around; and you’ll find a secret bar behind the door of the ‘drinks fridge,’ waiting to be discovered.

The night is young; wind down with Lucy’s Signature Flavored Beer, Signature Cocktails, as well as Classic Cocktails mixed specially for you to accompany the fun night with friends and loved ones, in between conversations and in between laughter. Don’t think twice, start making memories at Lucy Beer Mart, available for the public on November 30th, 2022 at Lucy Curated Compound.

Dive in to Lucy Beer Mart menu here.