Lucy Steak and Buns is Here–Serving Sizzling Quality Steak for Everyone, Along with Juicy Burgers as Staples.

November 2022

JAKARTA, November 2022 –

Lucy Steak and Buns

Almost everyone can’t say no to good meat, including steak. When it goes into your mouth and is crushed between your upper and lower molar, the flavor starts to hit—you can feel the tenderness and juiciness in a combination equaled by no other meat. However, it’s common knowledge that the cost of one serving tells no lies about its quality. In other words, you’ll have to pay a lot of bucks to get a high quality steak.

Many of us tend to get influenced at the expense of a beef’s cut as the choice of menu to go. Yet, some people might not realize that a specific beef cut is not the only thing that makes up the perfect steak that can please your palate. In reality, regardless of what we choose from many of the cut options and price points, a wholesome steak lies in the way the meat is cooked.

Craving for a high quality steak without leaving your wallet crying? Here’s a call for all meat-lovers out there! Lucy Steak and Buns is ready to fill your appetite with sizzling quality steak along with juicy burgers for you to enjoy during lunch or dinner! Lucy Steak and Buns grilling fare menu stretches from 3+ Australian Wagyu with Picancha and Flat Iron, to our Chef Recommendation of +4 Australian Wagyu Rib Cap and house special of US Beef Short-Rib to share. Of course, with a level of doneness of your own choice; from rare to medium and finally well-done—accompanied by luscious sauce by side.

Adopting the friendly ambience of an American neighborhood diner with a fun and contemporary style, Lucy Steak and Buns also offers the juiciest selections of its Signature Juicy Lucy Burger, Chef Recommendation’s Truffle Burger, Menchi Katsu Sando and Nashville Chicken Burger to satisfy your tum-tums.

As if it doesn’t sound mouthwatering enough, you are free to complete the main dish with Lucy’s Sides selections such as Signature Robata Corn, Mizu Eggplant, Beef Fat Kimchi Rice, and many many more. A glass of healthy juices; Ging ‘N Juice and Dragondolla–or perhaps a fancy one to elevate your feast; a cold glass of Red or White Wine is ready to coexist alongside the cuisine.

Finally, conclude your meal with Lucy’s sweet Dessert, ranging from Chef Recommendation Apple Crumble and Banana Cream Pie, down to Chunky Chocolate Cookie for your sweet tooth!

All in one package destination for a Q-time with family and friends, social gatherings, or a romantic date with your beloved partners—Lucy Steak and Buns is a total go-to Grill Meat House; ready to meat you November 30th, 2022 at Lucy’s very own latest establishment, Lucy Curated Compound.

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