LCC: A Space Where Thrill Happens

November 2022

JAKARTA, November 2022 –

Lucy Curated Compound

New hang-out point alert! Lucy Group is expanding their business unit by establishing Lucy Curated Compound, a lively melting pot of lifestyle residence and community where you can enjoy a lot of things within an easy reach! Want to enjoy an all in one package but less boisterous than a shopping mall? Lucy Curated Compound might be the solution you’re looking for.

Offering outlets that stretch from food, beverages, fashion, and hobbies, Lucy Curated Compound is the perfect destination for young blokes who want to catch up with friends or a simple family day-out. What to enjoy at Lucy Curated Compound, you ask?

Fill your appetite

●  Lucy Steak and Buns
Think you’re a meat lover? Then you gotta have a taste of Lucy’s newest and latest brand that’s ready to serve you the juiciest and sizzling quality steak and savory burgers! From +3 Australian Wagyu of Flat Iron and Picancha to Truffle Burger alongside a wide selection of creamy milkshakes. Who can’t say no to that?

●  Lucy Beer Mart
Looking for a quick grab or a pre-drink spot with friends? Lucy Beer Mart is the answer! Providing an extensive selection of signature local and imported beers, liquors, as well as alcoholic beverages that are pocket friendly—it’s hard not to fall in love with Lucy Beer Mart.

●  Sejiwa Coffee
Get your daily dose of coffee at a renowned coffee shop from Bandung that you all probably love, Sejiwa Coffee. Serving selections of house-blend coffee from classics to their most-loved signature of Es Kopi Jiwa and Es Kopi Raga, Sejiwa Coffee is ready to fulfill your daily intake of caffeine!

●  Cosmic Dog
Hot Dogs, Fresh Onions, Pickles, and everything in between. Signature favorites from NY Style Chili Dog, NY Style Onion to selections of Corn Dogs are available for you to grab and bite.

●  Nasgero
A taste of South Asian cuisine, Nasgero’s signature fried basmati rice accompanied by various selections of protein of your choice; sirloin, chicken, or rendang—will all melt in your mouth and leave you wanting for more.

●  Rawon Bar

Embarking on their journey in 1939, Rawon Bar is serving a modern take on the classic comforting bowl; from everyone’s favorite Classic Oxtail Rawon, tp Nasi Goreng Rawon, and surprise, Rawon Don Salted Egg.

Inspired by a layover in Hong Kong and some nostalgic flavors from Singapore. Their goal is to be a customer-oriented restaurant, focused on fast service, affordable pricing, and authentic oriental flavors.

Shop, shop, shop!

●  Lee Cooper
Come on now, who doesn’t recognize Lee Cooper–the international jeans brand that stood strong since 1908. With the presence of the Lee Cooper store in Lucy Curated Compound, you can take a peek at its modern classic style selections of high quality jeans including the East London Essentials collection.

●  Bespoke
Good news for you bikers! Stop and shop at a high-end bicycle and bicycle parts store, here at Lucy Curated Compound! Bespoke combines world-class products, professionalism and integrity with a high level of customer service.

What you might like, what you might need

●  Listen to Lucy
Here for the music? Enter Listen to Lucy! Engineered by Lucy Music Dept. to celebrate young emerging DJs and producers, this is the place for DJ Set and Music Production; playing, mixing, recording and mastering in Listen to Lucy’s living room-like studio.

●  The Boys Next Door
Need that monthly trim? Knock on The Boys Next Door for a change of look! It certainly is not your ordinary barbershop, but it surely will give you a dose of confidence boost anytime you need it.

Be thrilled, be here—Lucy Curated Compound will open on November 30th, 2022.